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About Florida Green Home Consultants

Florida Green Home Consultants Logo Mission Statement

To Make Green Home Living a reality for all.


Florida Green Home Consultants, LLC is a Florida registered corporation.
Our sister company is Florida Green Home Brokers


 We are volunteer Energy Raters for Habitat For Humanity.
Founders and supporters of the Switch it Green, Switch it Forward movement.


Our contact numbers are: 1.800.893.9240 (Phone) 1.800.940.6035 (Fax)


Our address is 3030 North Rocky Point Dr., Suite 150, Tampa, FL33607


Marius Smook photo - Florida Green Home Consultants and Brokers image.

The CEO and owner of the company is Marius J Smook, LinkedIn Profile, who holds the following licenses and certifications:

LEED AP for Homes – Trained in the design and construction of high-performance Green Homes. The Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) created this specialty credential to denote an accredited professional’s practical knowledge of the LEED for Homes rating system. More … The system promotes the design and construction of high-performance Green Homes. More …

State Certified Energy Rater – Trained to use EnergyGauge USA, a highly sophisticated home energy simulation software tool for Energy Raters, designed specifically for the accurate evaluation of home energy-efficiency and expected energy costs. More … A Rating provides a relative energy use index called the HERS Index More …

Certified Real Estate Eco-Broker – The premier Green designation for real estate professionals. Through Eco-Broker’s unique energy and environmental curriculum, real estate professionals are trained to promote Green, energy efficient, and healthy home features in homes More …

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