Contractor Certification Information

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To make Green Home living available to everyone throughout Florida, Florida Green Home Consultants LLC has established a Certified Contractor Associate Program.

As a marketing and consulting company, we are trained and certified to provide either phone consultations or in-house energy audits or full blown before-and-after energy ratings (HERS) to home owners who want to purchase and install energy saving, healthy home, water saving, or eco friendly retrofits, that are supplied and installed by contractors who we have certified as our Contractor Associates.

Via our sister company Florida Green Home Brokers, we also market Green Home Makeovers which include the supply and installation of a $50.000 retrofit package by our Certified Contractor Associates.

Our commitment to our customers, is that we only certify and introduce contractors that are green minded, state licensed, insured and who have either a good rating with the BBB or good written recent customer references.

We are also able to introduce optional home improvement financing programs, and will coordinate applications.

We do all of our own marketing, in-house sales presentations, measure, estimate and complete proposals, that are contingent upon our Certified Contractor Associate’s final measurement and acceptance. We are unable to commit our Certified Contractor Associates to any proposal until accepted by them. 

 We price proposals as per an agreed minimum acceptable price to our  Certified Contractor Associate, to which we will add a marketing fee.

All monies are paid by our customers directly to our Certified Contractor Associates who then pays us our fee, only after installation and after the customer has paid in full.


  Contractors are certified if they are qualified to supply and install Green Home Improvements to mutual clients while at the same time demonstrating a commitment towards sustainability and transforming the marketplace by creating living spaces that are better for our clients and the environment.

In order to be accepted, contractors are required will produce the below required items to confirm compliance with Contractor Associate certification standards:

  • Proof of workmans comp and liability insurances (copies required).
  • Properly licensed (copy required).
  • Track record of installing green home improvements (details of 3 installs required).
  • Recent client references (3 phone numbers required).
  • Project supervision and quality control procedures if applicable (details required).
  • Membership of any regional or national industry and green associations (details required).
  • Practices used to minimize contamination or the work area during installation if applicable (details required).
  • Practices used to protect customer home’s indoor air quality during installation if applicable (details required).

If you are a contractor and would like to participate, please fax the above requirements to 1.800.9406035

For discussion, further information or to request a copy of our marketing Agreement, please contact Marius Smook directly on 813.966.1674 or 1.800.893.9240