Sep 302012
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 Drip Irrigation.

Only 1% of all the water on earth is available for us to use, and supplies are running out.  As the population continues to increase, so does the demand for water as more and more of it is consumed, while the supply of water stays the same. This means that we need to cut the pie into smaller and smaller pieces. There is simply not enough water to go around anymore, and it’s going to get much worse, which also means that prices are going to sky rocket.

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Drip Irrigation

Yet we have all noticed water from irrigation sprinklers drifting in the wind, over-spraying onto windows, running down driveways, roads, and storm water drains. That is our planet’s most precious resource and our hard earned money, literally going down the drain. In fact, only 50% to 60% of the water that is sprayed out by lawn and garden sprinklers actually reaches the roots of plants. The rest is lost to the wind, evaporation, and run off.

There is a much better way. Drip irrigation is the most efficient way to apply water to garden and landscape beds,  fruit trees, vines and shrubs as this economical watering method allows more than 90% of the water to reach the plant roots. Drip irrigation also eliminates run off, and over-spray, and is ideal for planting beds of all sizes. Also, the slow, consistent application of water from a drip system helps plants to thrive, and because the foliage is never wet, leaf diseases are minimized.

A professionally designed and installed drip installation will use 50-70% less water than a conventional spray system. And those savings will continue year after year for the life of a system.

Drip systems can be either installed new, or as retrofits to an existing sprinkler system. Either way, pipes are installed below grade or mulch, which carry water to small emitters that are positioned to deliver exact quantities of water directly to the roots of plants, with zero loss to the elements. Everything is controlled seamlessly by an automatic timer, while watering takes place without anyone even noticing.

By combining micro-irrigation with rain water harvesting systems, we are able to literally irrigate our landscapes for free.

Will a Drip Irrigation System save you water and money?

Whether it will or not depends on the the layout of your landscaping, the type of dirt, shading factors, your selection of plants, and many other factors.

This is where we can help. In conjunction with the guidelines of the Landscape Irrigation and Florida-Friendly Design Standards, we follow the LEED for HOMES Whole House Approach, which not only considers one stand-alone Green Energy Efficient Home Improvement, but also its relationship to all the other elements that impact the energy aspects of your home.

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