Energy Recovery Ventilator

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Energy Recovery Ventilator.

Maintains constant indoor fresh air for your home.

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Energy Recovery Ventilator

An Energy Recovery Ventilator, also known as an ERV, constantly supplies fresh air to a home to provide a healthy indoor environment, by reducing odors and/or indoor pollutants, such as radon, formaldehyde, tobacco smoke, nitrogen dioxides, carbon monoxide, and pesticides.

An ERV transfers heat and moisture from the exhaust air stream to the incoming air stream during the heating season, and transfers heat and water vapor from the incoming air stream to the exhaust air stream during the air conditioning season.

Fans maintain a low-velocity flow of fresh outdoor air into the house (incoming air stream) while exhausting out an equal amount of stale indoor air (exhaust air stream). Fresh air is supplied to all levels of the house while stale air is removed from areas with high levels of pollutants and moisture. A Germitol UV Light is an excellent enhancement to an Energy Recovery Ventilator. More …

Is an Energy Recovery Ventilator right for your home?

Whether it is or not depends on the size  and volume of air spaces in  your home, the number of occupants,  the way that your air distribution system has been designed and installed, the amount air leakage there is in your home’s outer envelope, and many other factors.

This is where we can help. In conjunction with the guidelines of the American Society for Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning (ASRAE), we follow the LEED for HOMES Whole House Approach, which not only considers one stand-alone Green Home Improvement, but also its relationship to all the other elements that impact the air quality  of your home.

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