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 FAQ for participating vendors 

How much must I pay into the fund to participate?

You will pay a % amount of each customer transaction referred to you. The % amount, which is your choice,  will be included in your public acknowledgement on this website, which will ultimately determine your level of customer support.

How will my business be acknowledged?

Your business name, website hot link, service description and the per transaction % referral amount that you pay into the fund, will be will be included in your public acknowledgement on this website

Besides the public acknowledgement, what other promotional advantages are there for my business?

Television exposure – The handing over of each solar fitted home, will be televised. Included will be a full acknowledgment to you as one of the participating vendors.

You may also include either of the below two acknowledgements on all of your marketing materials and media:

Switch it green acknowledgement

Switch it green vendor certification

You may also use the following announcement to your advantage:

Switch it green News report

Who do I send my referral contributions to?

All contributions are to be mailed to Florida Green Home Consultants LLC.

How will my referral contributions be used?

50% of all referral contributions received are placed directly into the solar fund, managed and accounted for by a custodial third party accounting firm.
25% will be used to market the movement, and the remaining 25% will be used by Florida Green Home Consultants LLC to run, manage and administer the movement.
100% of the solar fund will be used to  eliminate the electric bills of low income family homes.

All records will always be available for your and any customer’s information.

Is the Switch to Green, Switch it Forward Movement a non profit organization?

No it is not. It is a voluntary effort by Florida Green Home Consultants LLC, which is a for profit firm.

Are my referral payments donations for tax purposes?

No they are not. They are business marketing expenses. Invoices and receipts are issued for all monies received.

What is the motivation behind Florida Green Home Consultants LLC creating and managing this movement?

1) As a for profit business, for marketing  exposure.

2) To use our expertise to help alleviate poverty.

3) To support the fight against climate change

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