Aug 282012
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Healthy Home Consulting.

According to the EPA, the air that we breathe in our homes is 2 – 5 times more polluted than the air outside. Florida Healthy Home Consulting - Florida Green Home Consultants image

This is because the materials used to build and furnish our homes contain a variety of synthetic materials and chemicals such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that off-gas from carpets, paints, glues and finishes, insulation, cushions, and chemically treated timber, into our unvented, ever-circulating air conditioned spaces, which result in a dangerous situation called Sick Home Syndrome.

The situation is made worse by other pollutants such as radon gas, nitrogen oxide,  secondhand smoke, and carbon monoxide that also accumulate in our homes and collectively contribute to respiratory and other health problems for the occupants such as lung cancer and  asthma.

Because of this and the fact that the average American spends much of his or her time at home, the EPA has ranked indoor air as one of the top risks to public health.

Florida Healthy Home Consulting addresses these issues. We follow the EPA Healthy Indoor Environment Protocols for Home Energy Upgrades to help homeowners to identify the causes of this pollution in their homes as well as the healthy Green Home improvements that can be made to improve the quality of their indoor air and environment.

Give us a call today to discuss how our Healthy Home Consulting can help you.

Some Green Healthy Home Improvements to consider:

  • High Performance Air Filtration – To prevent viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen, pet dander and other airborne impurities from entering a home’s air distribution system.
  • Germicidal UV Light System – To prevent mold spores from growing in and being distributed by a home’s air duct system, reduce odors, air pollutants, and viruses. More …
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation System – To introduce, circulate, and condition fresh air to a home – No more breathing secondhand stale air. More …
  • Dehumidifier – To keep humidity out of the home when the air conditioner is not running.
  • Effective Exhaust Fans – To keep kitchens and bathrooms free of pollutants, mold, mildew, and odors.
  • Whole House Water Filtration – To allow the drinking of pure water from every faucet in the home.
  • Electronic Soft Water Maker – To inexpensively soften water for the whole home without having to deal with antiquated and expensive, ecologically damaging salt and brine systems.
  • Air Duct Sealing – To keep unwanted pollutants out of the heating and cooling system. More …
  • Home Air Sealing and Weatherization – To eliminate all home envelope air leaks. More …

Will these Green Home Improvements help you to achieve your healthy home goals?

Whether they will or not depends on the number of occupants in your home and their habits, how you manage your cooling, heating and air filtration system, the quality of your water, the amount of air leakage there is through your home’s envelope as well as the animals, contaminants in furnishings, flooring, paint on the walls, and many other factors.

This is where we can help. In conjunction with the EPA Healthy Indoor Environment Protocols, we follow the LEED for HOMES Whole House Approach, which not only considers one stand-alone Green Healthy Home Improvement, but also its relationship to all the other elements that impact the healthy aspect of your home.

At Florida Green Home Consultants, we provide either a phone consultation or an in-home consultation to help you to decide what’s best for you, your family, and your home.

Thank you for your interest in Healthy Home Consulting and our company. If you need assistance, please contact us today by completing the form at the top right hand side of your screen. We look forward to helping you to make Green Home living your reality.