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Green Joke Of The Day

Question:  If you live in an igloo, what’s the worst thing about global warming?

Answer: Ever declining privacy.


Switch It Green, Switch It Forward
Helping to alleviate poverty and climate change, one solar panel at a time.

Help the planet and also help low income family homeowners to eliminate their electric bills, by simply switching who you pay for the products or services that you are already buying and paying for every month. Same services, same products, huge difference and support for green!


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This is your opportunity to make a difference and walk the green talk.

At Florida Green Home Brokers and Florida Green Home Consultants LLC, we manage a fund that installs solar electric systems into low income family homes. The fund is made up from a % of income earned and donated when consumers that support sustainability, switch to green.

Once the solar electric systems are installed, the families benefit from their reduction in electricity costs and the planet benefits from the reduction of pollution and global warming because of the reduction in electricity production.

Make a difference …… Switch it Green, Switch it Forward, One Solar Panel at a Time

Lets see how ……

How solar panels eliminate electric bills. What solar panels will mean to low income family homeowners.

The Spirit of Switching it Green and Switching it Forward

The spirit of this movement is to make it possible for you to help the planet, and also help low income families to go green and save money, by simply switching who you pay for the products or services that you are already buying and paying for every month, or in some cases who you buy them from.

Representatives of the organizations that you switch to, have in turn agreed to donate a % of each transaction to our Solar Panel Fund, which is used to pay for the purchase and installation of solar electric systems in the homes of low income families who are struggling to meet high electricity costs.

Switching Examples

Here are some examples of switches that you can make:

1) You can stop buying Natural Vitamins and Supplements, Weight Loss products, Laundry and other Household cleaning products, Pet products, plus Dental, Facial and Beauty Care products from where you are currently buying them, (Health Store, Publix, Walmart etc) and instead buy them online, from one of our supporting green vendors. Every time that you buy, a % of your transaction is donated to our Solar Panel Fund, with the above benefits being realized.

2) If you are receiving services from Verizon, you can switch paying for those services to one of our supporting vendors who is an account servicing subcontractor to Verizon. There will be no break in your service, or change in your plan, or the amount that you pay. You simply switch who you currently make your payments to. And every time that you do that, our supporting vendor donates a % of the transaction to our Solar Panel Fund, with all of the above same benefits.

Of course you might only want to do this if the products or services are the same or similar, and if the cost is the same or lower than the combined cost of what you are currently paying, together with the cost of your shopping time plus your traveling-to-shop costs.

Or you might decide to switch anyway, because you will know that you are helping underprivileged people to make ends meet. You might also want to do this because of the fact that products that our supporting vendor sells are natural and eco-friendly, which is good for your health, and also for the health of our planet.

This, and the fact that with each one of your purchases, you are supporting the installation of solar panels, which is in turn helping to reduce our dependence on oil, air pollution and global warming, should make you feel pretty good about the difference that you are making with your Switch to Green, while Paying it Forward at the same time.


Transparency of Beneficiaries

We publish the name and contact details of every recipient family with a description of the solar panel system that they received as well as the financial effect that it had on their lives. All monies are received, held in trust and accounted for by a 3rd party accounting firm and all statements and reports will be published and made public on this website.

Public recognition for Donors and Supporters.

The name of every supporting vendor represntative will be permanently listed on our website, together with a hot link to their personal or business website or social media account.

As a supporter of Green, and Sustainability, this is your chance to show the world.

Whether you are a small consumer of personal products, or a corporate buyer of supplies, that is prepared to switch who you buy from or make your payments to, or whether you are small supplier of goods or a giant corporation that is prepared to donate a small % of each transaction, our Green Solar Fund is your opportunity to walk your talk.

We look forward to you participating with us in making a difference, by Switching it Green, Switching it Forward, One Solar Panel at a Time.

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