High Performance Windows

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High Performance Windows.

Why High Performance Windows? There are three main reasons:

Air Infiltration – Low performance windows don’t fit properly. A small gap of only 1/16 of an inch around a window is equivalent to a brick simply missing from a home’s external wall, which allows internal temperatures to escape or external temperatures to enter.

Conduction – Glass, steel and aluminum are all good conductors of heat, which always moves from warmer to cooler places. Heat is therefore constantly conducting from the hot outside to the cool inside of a home via the single panes of glass or via the steel and aluminum frames of low performance windows.

Radiation – Radiation is the movement of energy through air. During the summer, hot air simply radiates from outside, through low performance windows to the inside of a home, and vica versa in winter.

The three together, make an air conditioner work harder to maintain internal temperatures. According to the U.S.Department of Energy, 25% of a home’s electric bill is attributable to this, which results in unnecessary costs.

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High Performance Windows

High Performance Windows do not have these problems. Instead, they will:

  • Keep your home cool in summer
  • Keep your home warm in winter
  • Reduce your air conditioner run time
  • Reduce your energy costs
  • Prolong the life of your air conditioner

High Performance Windows can achieve this because they have the following advanced features:

Low-E glass technology –  Low-E glass has an invisible silver oxide coating applied to the inside and outer pane of glass. In warm weather, Low-E coatings reduce the amount of outside heat entering a home, while still allowing light in. This reduces the amount of time that a home’s cooling system needs to run.
In cold weather, the Low-E coatings reduce the amount of inside heat leaving a home. This means that a home stays warmer and reduces the amount of time that a home’s heating system needs to run.

Dual panes of glass – The conduction and radiation of heat into a home through a window pane is reduced by the introduction of a second window pane, with a small insulating space created between them. This space, and the spacer that keeps them apart, also prevents condensation from forming, in the same way as the two layers of glass in an aircraft does.

Argon gas – This colorless gas is used to fill the airspace between the panes of glass, which greatly increases the insulating and Low-E technology performance, by further preventing the conduction and radiation of warm and cold air.

Vinyl framing – Vinyl is the material of choice for an energy efficient window, instead of aluminum or metal, because it does not conduct heat.

Laminated glass with a vinyl interlayer – This optional feature includes a third pane of glass, which is used together with the outer pane of glass, by sandwiching a transparent vinyl sheet between the two. The vinyl increases the thermal insulating performance of the window as well as creating a barrier against flying debris from high winds or against forced intrusion.  This is the same technology that is used in the windshield of a motor vehicle.

Will High Performance Windows help you to save energy costs?

Whether it will or not depends on the age of your home and its envelope components, the way it was constructed and has been maintained, the amount of insulation and air leakage there is in its outer envelope, as well as the number and size of windows, and many other factors.

This is where we can help. In conjunction with the guidelines of the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), we follow the LEED for HOMES Whole House Approach, which not only considers one stand-alone Green Energy Efficient Home Improvement, but also its relationship to all the other elements that impact the energy aspects of your home.

At Florida Green Home Consultants, we provide either a phone consultation or an in-home consultation to help you to decide what’s best for you, your family and your home. We will then introduce you to the services of our Certified Window Contractor Associates who are state licensed and insured to supply and install High Performance Windows in your home.

At Florida Green Home Consultants, we also do Energy Reduction Consulting and Energy Ratings.

Thank you for your interest in High Performance Windows and our company. Please contact us today for advice and a free estimate by completing the form on the top right hand side of your screen.

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