Sep 022012
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Looking for Home Air Sealing and Weatherization?

We are Florida Green Home Consultants, and can help with Home Air Sealing and Weatherization for your home.

Home air sealing and weatherization involves sealing the outer shell of your home, also referred to as the home envelope. It consists of all the barriers to your home’s interior heat or cold air from escaping to the outside and also unwanted temperatures from entering your home. The home envelope includes its outer walls, ceiling, windows, doors, and floors.

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Florida Home sealing and weatherization image

The better a home is sealed, the less drafty it is, which means less energy is needed to maintain comfortable interior temperatures which results in lower costs.  

Another benefit of home air sealing and weatherization, especially in Florida, is that less moisture-laden air in the form of humidity enters the homes which reduces the chance of condensation forming and turning into unhealthy mold and rot which is expensive to remove.

Sealing up joints, holes, gaps, and cracks where air infiltrations occur is a tricky business since leaks are “usually” hidden from view. Home air sealing and weatherization contractors have been trained to find them and then to seal them up using high quality acrylic-latex caulk, fire- rated caulk and special insulating foam sealers.

Once a home is air sealed, it can be tested with diagnostic equipment to ensure that the job was properly done and all the leaks have been taken care of.

Will Home Air Sealing and Weatherization help you to save energy costs?

Whether it will or not depends on the age of your home and its envelope components, the way it was constructed and has been maintained, the amount of insulation and air leakage there is in its outer envelope, as well as the number and size of windows, and many other factors. Please contact us if you need assistance.

To what goes into a complete home weatherization kit, please visit the link(s) below which you can also consider using to make a purchase if you found this website or any of our free services to be of value to you. Proceeds go towards maintaining this site and supporting our Switch it Green, Switch it Forward fund, established to eliminate the electric bills of low income families, and to help the fight against poverty and climate change.