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Switch It Green, Switch It Forward – FAQ for consumers.

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Why would anyone want to participate and switch? 

People who get involved and make a switch, do so to support the mission of Switch it Green, Switch it Forward, which is to help the planet by reducing the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and simultaneously to also help low income family homeowners to eliminate their electric bills and escape from poverty.

Whether you are a small consumer of personal products, or a corporate buyer of supplies, that is prepared to switch who you buy from, or make your payments to, our Green Solar Fund is your opportunity to walk your talk.

You might also want to do this because of the fact that many of the products are natural and eco-friendly, which is good for your health, and also for the health of our planet.

Why green?

The fund will be used to install solar electric panels that will generate free, non polluting, solar energy.

Why Switch it Forward?

By switching, you will be paying something forward. This means that your action will benefit others who are in need, a good deed which is believed, will be returned to you or your loved ones.

Why low income families?

Low income family homes are often much less energy efficient than more expensive homes. Energy smart construction techniques, high efficiency appliances and advanced insulating methods and materials are never considered during the building process. Sadly, the end result of this is that people who live in less expensive homes, invariably end up paying proportionately much more for energy than owners of more expensive homes, with monthly electric bills running in the many hundreds, not being uncommon at all. As the cost of energy continues to rises and the homes become older and less efficient, energy costs become a major cause of families spirally further into the cycle of poverty.

The elimination of electric bills for low income families will help them to save and build a college fund for one or more of their children to break cycle of poverty in the family. See what solar panels will mean to low income family homeowners.

What does it mean to switch?

Supporting consumers switch by simply switching who they pay for the products or services that they are already buying and paying for every month.
Here are some examples of product switches that you can make:
You could switch buying  laundry, household cleaning, pet, dental, facial and beauty, vitimin products from where you are currently buying them, (Health Store, Publix, Walmart etc) to instead buy them online, from one of our supporting vendors.

How will my switching to a supporting vendor benefit Switch to Green, Switch it Forward?

Every time that you buy, a % of your transaction is contributed to our Solar Panel Fund.

How will the products that I switch to compare to those that I am currently using?

Essentially they are the same services and products, however some are branded under a different name (just like Publix does) or are not exactly the same. We have hundreds of products to choose from and you should not have any difficulty in switching to some or even new and different products that you will be absolutely happy and satisfied with.

What about product prices?

You might only want to do this if the products are the same or similar, and if the cost is the same or lower than the combined cost of what you are currently paying, together with the cost of your shopping time plus your traveling-to-shop costs.

Will I have to pay a fee to switch?

There is no fee required to support Switch to Green, Switch it Forward, and you do not have to pay a fee to be able to purchase our supporting vendor’s retail products. However, some are wholesalers or clubs that also sell to members at discounted prices, and just like Cosco and Sams Club, there is a fee to become a member. Others offer deeply discounted prices to customers who are prepared to commit to a monthly order.

What services can I switch to?

Our supporting vendors offer the opportunity to switch the payment of everyday services that you are currently paying for. Here is an example: If you are receiving services from any one of the major phone, TV or internet, gas or electric providers, you can switch paying for those services to an independent account servicing contractor.

Does switching services mean that I have to switch providers?

No your provider does not change, you simply switch who you make your payments to. There will be no change in your plan, or the amount that you pay, although in some cases you will pay less.

Will switching cause a disruption in my current services?

There will be no break in your service, as the switch will take place seamlessly.

How will my switching benefit Switch to Green, Switch it Forward?

Every time that you buy, a % of your transaction is donated to our Solar Panel Fund.

How will my switching benefit the fund?

Representatives of the organizations that you switch to, have all agreed to donate a % of each transaction to our Solar Panel Fund, which is used to pay for the purchase and installation of solar electric systems in the homes of low income families who are struggling to meet high electricity costs.

How will I be acknowledged for making a switch?

Your personal or business name, website link or website page will be posted on this website for all visitors to see.

Are any of the supporting vendors, multi level marketing organizations?

Provided that they are of long and very good standing, we prefer our vendors to be multi level marketing organizations. This is because Switch to Green, Switch it Forward can then ensure that our solar panel fund not only receives a payment for every switched transaction, but will also receive residual income for future transactions, and those that will result from our supporters becoming part of our down line if they choose to also become representatives for any of our vendors.

How can I become a supporting vendor?

If you are a product or service provider and would like to invite consumers to switch to you, in exchange for agreeing to contribute a % of transactions to our Solar Panel Fund, please read our FAQ for participating vendors and then respond with your name and phone number, so that a representative can call or email and discuss this with you.

Why would I want to become a supporting vendor?

If you are a supporter of Green, and Sustainability, then this is your chance to show the world.

How will I know that low income families did benefit?

Switch to Green, Switch it Forward is completely transparent about its beneficiaries. We will publish the name and contact details of every recipient family with a description of the solar panel system that they received as well as the financial effect that it had on their lives.  Radio, TV and Press media will also be invited to witness each home’s transformation to Zero Energy and hand over to it family.

How will I know that the monies in the fund will be used for their intended purposes?

All monies allocated to the fund are held in trust and accounted for by a 3rd party accounting firm, and all statements and reports are published and made available for public scrutiny.

Do vendors receive recognition or publicity for supporting?

The name of every supporting vendor representative will be permanently listed on this website, together with a hot link to their personal or business website or social media account.
Radio, TV and Press media will also be invited to witness each home’s transformation to Zero Energy and hand over to it family, at which time supporting vendors will be acknowledged.

How will solar panels eliminate electric bills?

We are trained and certified Energy Raters and LEED Consultants for residential homes. Please follow this link to see exactly how we go about eliminating electric bills using solar panels.

How will my referral contributions be used?

50% of all referral contributions received are placed directly into the solar fund, managed and accounted for by a custodial third party accounting firm.
25% will be used to market the movement, and the remaining 25% will be used by Florida Green Home Consultants LLC to run, manage and administer the movement.
100% of the solar fund will be used to eliminate the electric bills of low income family homes.

All records will always be available for public information.

Is the Switch to Green, Switch it Forward Movement a non profit organization?

No it is not. It is a voluntary effort by Florida Green Home Consultants LLC, which is a for profit firm.

Are vendor referral payments donations for tax purposes?

No they are not. They are business marketing expenses. Invoices and receipts are issued for all monies received.

Who is behind Switch to Green, Switch it Forward?

Switch to Green, Switch it Forward was created and is run by Florida Green Home Consultants LLC. Please follow this link to see more information about the corporation. More information

What is the motivation behind Florida Green Home Consultants LLC creating and running this movement?

1) For marketing exposure, as we are a for-profit business.

2) To use our training and expertise to help alleviate poverty.

3) To use our training and expertise to support the fight against climate change

What if have more questions?

Please email us any additional questions that you may have so that we can get the answers to you promptly, and also post them on this web page for the benefit of others who would also be interested.

How do I get started to Switch to Green, Switch it Forward?

To get started, complete the form at the bottom of the products list so that a supporting vendor representative can call or Skype you to discuss your options, take your details down and get you going. If you prefer not to have anyone call you, then you may choose to communicate via email only.


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